The 2018 Global SDG Awards contenders represent private sector sustainability leadership from across industries and services. These inspiring businesses are at the forefront of a shift toward responsible operations, materials sourcing and supply chain management. By developing new products and services based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), these companies are uniquely positioned for global growth and impact. We invite you to share our 2018 Winners Press Release and the case-studies below to inspire your friends and colleagues for positive impact.
The winners from this year’s competition are breaking barriers, challenging convention, investing for impact and leveraging new technologies to strengthen their competitive advantages. With winners from Australia, Afghanistan, Canada, Japan, South Africa, the UK and USA, the results of the 2018 Global SDG Awards demonstrate that private-sector SDG leadership, investment and innovation is truly a global phenomenon.


MORE ABOUT GREEN STANDARDS Founded in 2009, Green Standards is dedicated to solving the growing problem of office furni

MORE ABOUT PROXICASH In locations (especially rural areas) where there are no POSs and the clients are unable to pay wi

MORE ABOUT MOMMY MONITOR Mommy Monitor helps women understand how they can have a healthier and safer pregnancy from pr

MORE ABOUT CHARGELAB ChargeLab is trusted by Canada’s most established institutions; clients include the Government o

MORE ABOUT RIPPLE FARMS With less than 2% of our population looking at the Agriculture industry as a viable career path

MORE ABOUT EM-ONE Em-One combines human ingenuity with innovative technology to achieve its goals in sustainable energy

Brave Soles is female owned, ethically produced and globally inspired. We believe in work done with dignity, sustainable

MORE ABOUT CARBON GOLD Carbon Gold was founded to help mitigate climate change and support sustainable food production

MORE ABOUT OLIVER RUSSELL Oliver Russell builds brands for bright, passionate, experienced business people who use entr

MORE ABOUT SECURE FUTURES Secure Futures offers on-site, commercial-scale resilient solar power solutions without capit

MORE ABOUT FIREWIRE Every surfboard, traction pad and leash that Firewire builds is designed with a simple, single goal

MORE ABOUT ALL GOOD As a nature-based healing company, All Good sees it as our duty to care for natural ingredient sour

MORE ABOUT MANTA SAIL TRAINING CENTRE MANTA Sail Training Centre works in collaboration with the Ministry of Transporta

MORE ABOUT WINNOW Winnow’s core belief is that food is far too valuable to waste, and food waste costs the hospitalit

MORE ABOUT HIPPO ROLLER Hippo Roller makes it extremely easy to collect water in tough rural conditions - up to 5x more

MORE ABOUT ECOSIA Ecosia uses a simple Google Chrome extension and search ad revenue for tree-planting initiatives arou

MORE ABOUT C&A C&A is the world’s largest retailer of bio cotton (organic cotton). In addition to the positiv

MORE ABOUT GOLDCORP Goldcorp is a senior gold producer focused on responsible mining practices with safe, low-cost prod

MORE ABOUT RECRUIT GROUP Recruit Group is a boutique executive search and staffing agency that provides talent acquisit

MORE ABOUT BIRD Bird encourages clean, car-free alternatives, and is passionate about vibrant communities that have les

MORE ABOUT ENVIROFIT Envirofit International is a certified B Corporation that innovates smart energy products and serv

MORE ABOUT EVRNU Evrnu is a Certified B Corporation and a member of the Future Resource Collective, and believes in bus

MORE ABOUT ROSHAN In partnership with the government and NGOs, Roshan accelerates the development of technology innovat

MORE ABOUT BEAUTYCOUNTER Beautycounter currently has 1,500 harmful or questionable ingredients on The Never List™, in

MORE ABOUT LUNDIN MINING Lundin Mining is a Canadian diversified base metals mining company with operations in Chile, U

MORE ABOUT PLASTIC BANK Plastic Bank offers an internationally recognized, root-cause solution to ocean plastic: by eff

MORE ABOUT GROSCHE A Certified B Corporation, GROSCHE works to benefit society. The company uses 100 per cent renewable

MORE ABOUT LEANPATH Leanpath’s mission is simple: to ensure a sustainable future by eliminating global food waste. Th

MORE ABOUT BETTER PLACES At Better Places Travel, we want tourism to mean something, for you and for the local people

MORE ABOUT COMPUGEN It\'s one thing to say you care about the environment, and another thing to actually do something a



SDG #1 - No Poverty - The Global SDG Awards
SDG #2 - Zero Hunger - The Global SDG Awards
SDG #3 - Good Health & Well-Being - The Global SDG Awards
SDG #4 - Quality Education - The Global SDG Awards
SDG #5 - Gender Equality - The Global SDG Awards
SDG #6 - Clean Water & Sanitation - The Global SDG Awards
SDG #7 - Affordable & Clean Energy - The Global SDG Awards
SDG #8 - Decent Work & Economic Growth - The Global SDG Awards
SDG #9 - Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure - The Global SDG Awards
SDG #10 - Reduced Inequalities - The Global SDG Awards
SDG #11 - Sustainable Cities & Communities - The Global SDG Awards
SDG #12 - Responsible Consumption & Production - The Global SDG Awards
SDG #13 - Climate Action - The Global SDG Awards
SDG #14 - Life Below Water - The Global SDG Awards
SDG #15 - Life On Land - The Global SDG Awards
SDG #16 - Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions - The Global SDG Awards
SDG #17 - Partnerships For The Goals - The Global SDG Awards